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Ways to Improve Virtual Customer Service

In any business, there’s always room for improvement. Virtual customer service is no different, as it remains a vital element in growing your reach and retaining those valuable current customers. One bad service interaction may have a ripple effect that impacts your entire business negatively.

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That’s why consistently researching ways to improve the quality of your program is paramount to your continued success. If you already utilize a digital customer experience, keep reading for suggestions on how to improve your virtual customer service.


Back to the Basics

Go back to the beginning and review your training methodology. Does it need to be revamped or improved? What feedback might influence your approach? It’s imperative that education and training happens regularly for old and new customer service agents alike. New issues pop up all the time, and keeping your education efforts aligned across the board will help your entire team perform at a higher level of service. Also, consider resolving any current tech issues, such as poor call quality or slow response time. Your agents can’t remedy these issues, but they are certainly impacted by them, and they may hurt your customer satisfaction scores. Take the time and effort needed to find solutions for these outstanding headaches so your team is set up for success.


Listen to Your Audiences

You likely have a treasure trove of valuable information that can aid your improvement efforts – your data and insights. Take a deep dive and analyze any negative factors, which ultimately are affecting your bottom line. And don’t just look at the stats, find ways to rectify issues and track the resolution. Keeping your team accountable to fixing problems in a timely manner ensures that setbacks get addressed and are satisfactorily resolved.

Don’t forget to talk to your most important sources of worthwhile feedback – your agents and customers. Dealing with everyday issues makes your agents’ opinions incredibly relevant. And speak directly to your customers, too. Perform surveys and polls, research what they are saying on social media, and ask your agents what they are hearing. This might be the perfect time to update your customer personas, as your audience may have changed given new product releases or changes in your business model.


Take Your CX to the Next Level

While you’re working on improvements to what you’ve already established, what’s new that you can introduce to aid in your transformation? You could provide personalized video chat, so your customers feel seen and heard. Or, you may want to implement self-service options, along with a bolstering of content in your knowledge base. This may help customers get the information they are searching for, but might be able to handle on their own without agent assistance. And look at your structure – are you meeting your customers everywhere they are? Do you offer omni-channel service options? Check your data and insights to see where the most traffic is coming from, ensuring you’re meeting the needs of the inquiries – where you are receiving them.

A multitude of options await you if you’re serious about improving your customer service. It helps to look at what’s working well (do more of that!) and to talk to your teams and customers for suggestions on positive changes. Keep at it, as improvements are not a one-time thing but an ongoing effort across your customer experience.

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