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(VIDEO) 20+ Years of Great Customer Experience

Looking to offer a great customer experience? Here’s why you can trust Working Solutions to deliver the premium, North America-based solution you need.

With a true visionary’s instinct, entrepreneur Kim Houlne founded Working Solutions in 1996 with the goal of meeting a rapidly escalating need for premium, onshore outsourced call center services — the kind that keep expenses to a minimum while still offering a legitimately great customer experience.

Working Solutions is really good at … being able to flex up and down to meet our needs.

Now, more than 20 years later, the company that Kim built stands atop an industry that’s followed closely in her footsteps. Today, virtual contact centers modeled after Working Solutions’ original innovation abound — yet few have matched the heights reached by Working Solutions.

Join us as we celebrate more than 20+ Years of Great Customer Experience

In this video, we revisit some of Working Solutions’ history, starting with brief clips from appearances with Dr. Phil and memorable media shout-outs from news leaders like CNN, NPR and ABC News, then concluding with a rundown of what some of our top-tier, Fortune 500 clients value most about working with us — spoken in their own words, of course. (Spoiler alert: They tend to love us!)

They’re quick, nimble, fast they can react to customers’ needs faster than the customer can.

See for yourself why Working Solutions has become the industry’s go-to source for virtual contact center outsourcing:

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