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Top 5 Blogs of 2016 from Working Solutions


Connecting in the Workplace and Marketplace

Before 2016 ends, we’d like to reprise a few blogs that readers found worthwhile for contact center and call center outsourcing—from bonding with workers to retaining talent to paying for value.

And whatever the topics are next year, we’ll continue the conversation about the power of the virtual workplace and the ever-expanding marketplace for on-demand contact center and call center services.

Most of all, we’ll remember 2016 as Working Solutions’ 20th year in serving clients and their customers nationwide in the contact center and call center solutions industry. Take a look at our top 5 blogs from Working Solutions for the year:

  • 6 Tips to Finding the Best Contact Center Provider
    Finding the best contact center outsourcer can be tricky, especially if you don’t ask the right questions upfront.
  • Pay for Value Delivered
    Call center and contact center providers normally bill by the hour—a practice many clients prefer.
    Though commonly accepted, it begs a question: Is the pay-per-hour model really in a client’s best interest?
  • Disrupting Retail – Again
    Retailers know selling has its seasons. Aligned with holidays. Mapped to business cycles. Tracked to consumer trends. What’s changing, often faster than many retailers can respond, is the “fluidity of the buy”—the whys and the ways in which consumers make their purchases.
  • Retained Talent Adds Value
    Existing talent is given new purpose. Offered meaningful opportunities after a job ends.
  • 5 Ways to Foster Emotional Intelligence
    Between the hiring and firing-and the caring and loving-that the business runs. It’s where emotions, as well a time and money, are invested. This is our take on creating a caring culture, with five ways that work for us.


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