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July 4th Brings a More Liberated Workforce

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The descriptors for the economic engines driving work today range far and wide. Let’s rattle them off—1,2,3.

  • First, there’s the creator economy geared toward an inventor’s offering to a specific audience.

  • Second comes the YOLO economy, as in you only live once, where self-fulfillment is fueled by passion.

  • And, of course, third is the gig economy, made up of individual contractors who work as they please on demand—with Newsweek reporting the Bureau of Labor estimates about 43% of U.S. workers will be included.

Different models, to be sure, with something for everyone.

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More Enlightened Worker

At the core of them all, however, lies a belief in independence, a most-fitting workplace topic for America’s July 4th this year.

Just look at the state of the American workforce as a backdrop for this year’s Independence Day. There are millions of open jobs this holiday. Help wanted signs abound. Reports S&P Global in May this year: “Potential employees, hesitant to return to the U.S. workforce due to concerns of the virus, loss of expanded unemployment benefits and limited childcare options, have pushed the labor shortage to historic proportions.”

Yes, those are all well-documented concerns, but something more is occurring—the likes of which we haven’t seen to this degree. It’s the rise of a more enlightened worker. To state the obvious: The pandemic, which isn’t over yet, has changed how we think about work—and life. Stripped away the routine. Caused us to pause amid the pain. Count our blessings and losses. Remember loved ones. In short, reset our priorities, at home and on the job.

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Welcome the Possibilities

In doing so, economic models, old and new, are seen in a different—perhaps, brighter—light.

Strengthened by the recent travails, freer thinking now prevails, with workers making smarter choices, seeking better outcomes. Acting in their own best interests for themselves and families. They’re propelled by newfound opportunities for independence, backed with more resolve and self-reliance.

All of this reflects a more liberated workforce this July 4th. Hardened by tough times. Steeled for what’s to come. Welcoming the possibilities. That’s something to celebrate. God bless America.

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