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Does Your QA Need a Boost? Try Speech Analytics!


As business continues to rapidly evolve in today’s constantly changing global markets, we’ve seen a major uptick in the use of many advanced technology solutions. One such solution is the use of speech analytics.

This compelling and very powerful tool has been embraced by many senior executives and contact center executives. These astute professionals have quickly grasped the tremendous advantages and benefits that speech analytics offer to call center quality assurance programs. This innovative tool provides detailed information and specific insights that were virtually impossible to obtain in the past.

The cutting edge solutions of speech analytics (SA) not only capture, structure, analyze, and categorize information, the technology also uses your agent to customer conversations to improve the quality of service, minimize your corporate risk, and effectively reduce operating expenses. Virtually all contact centers around the globe include these factors as three of their top performance goals.

(SA) provides an excellent means for the organization’s executives to review and analyze recorded calls and glean important information. It brings a professional structure to customer interactions and it has the capacity to shed light on information and details that might be buried in customer telephone interactions with agents. The true value of SA is only realized when the recorded and analyzed data is effectively reapplied to performance and customer service.

Current Business Challenges

The valuable customer information that’s available in your recorded calls should not be ignored, nor should it hang in limbo without an appropriate and timely response. Any company that foolishly allows this to happen on a consistent basis is accomplishing only one thing…the creation of an annoyed customer. You can readily count on the fact that the customer’s negative experience will be shared with family, friends, and business associates…sometimes for years. To say that this is bad public relations is an understatement.

Negative news travels quickly, and if this is the way the majority of your customers are handled, no amount of creative advertising campaigns or lifestyle events will make the negative experiences go away. As a final kicker, many customers will also take to the web to express their anger and disappointment.

Speech analytics can help to improve a wide variety of business areas and enhance your quality assurance (QA) process. If you have seen sales and marketing campaigns fall short of expectations, SA can help pinpoint why. Are incoming calls up? Again, speech analytics has the capability to guide businesses to important information and clues. If your customers are jumping ship at a much higher rate than ever before, the critical question is why? SA and its root cause analysis capabilities can offer reasons for these issues.

The Top Uses of Speech Analytics

While there are many businesses that can benefit from speech analytics, contact centers are currently the primary buyers and users of speech analytics.   By replacing tedious call monitoring and human mediated QA with an automated system, these companies are able to process many more calls for key or trigger words, allowing them to get a better picture of what is driving their customers.  As these systems become ever more capable the companies using them will continue to gain a competitive advantage because they will be better able to engage their customers.  Those that ignore advances such as these will be left behind, wondering what happened.  As with most things technology related – the future is now.