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25 Years in Business: Caring for Clients and Their Customers

This year marks a quarter of a century for Working Solutions as an on-demand, virtual contact center outsourcer. It comes amid an ongoing pandemic, which continues to test the resolve of the human spirit, but I believe we will prevail, overcoming matters big and small.

With all that’s occurring, I take comfort knowing our agents—who have worked remotely from their home offices since day one—sustain sales and service for our clients and their thousands of customers even during this crisis.

A novel—and often rejected—idea 25 years ago, working from home proves its effectiveness, especially now. Companies still struggle to operate in person, and for many, remote business remains the standing order.

Even after mass vaccinations this year, the workplace and work-life has forever changed. We are continuing to adjust and adapt, though, and will eventually come through this ordeal.

Mother of Necessity

Back in 1996, necessity forced me to start a virtual business. Long commutes and cross-country engagements as a consultant were no longer options.

I established Working Solutions out of a one-woman office in Omaha, Nebraska with a chair, desk and credenza. Before Google went gaga, I launched a bare-bones website, seeking freelance professionals for remote customer service. This virtual call center allowed these professionals to chose which projects they wanted to work on and businesses to quickly adjust the number of workers based on demand. That website had an impressive 500+-person response in the first few days and quickly grew.

As the company expanded, I later replicated the original office in the lobby of our then Plano, Texas headquarters, a humble reminder of where things began. The idea I espoused eventually evolved into an on-demand, customer service industry we know and depend on today.

Working Solutions' first website

The first Working Solutions website from 1996.

Treat Others Like Yourself

Decades later, the principle we founded the company on still resonates: serve clients and their customers the way you’d like to be treated.

Given the times, we champion those in the customer service industry—answering every call, chat, email and text. Showing compassion and consideration to others. Always knowing the humanity of our work will see all of us through to better days.

Still perfecting after 25 years. Contact us here to schedule a complimentary consultation with a Working Solutions expert.

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