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Protect Your Service Operations: Keep Clients and Customers Safe and Secure

    • Vetted and authenticated customer service agents.
    • Proven and tested data encryption.
    • Dispersed and disaster-ready data hubs, all cloud-based and monitored 24/7.

Together, they form a hardened defense—secured from front to back—that’s 100% compliant with industry protocols and standards. And then some.

Knowing this, how secure are your customer-service operations? Is the entire system, from person to process, protected against every possible risk—hackers, healthcare threats and natural disasters?

With widespread security breaches and vulnerable networks, are you protecting the data in which you’re entrusted?

Remote vs. Brick-and-mortar Agents

You may assume customer data and company property is safer and more secure in a physical call center. However, based on data in the FBI Uniform Crime Report, work-from-home customer service agents are less likely to commit theft, forgery or fraud. Whether it is higher pay, work-life balance, or more maturity, utilizing a virtual contact center workforce provides the security you and your clients demand.
Here’s how the remote agent numbers compare:

300% Less likely of larceny—theft
180% Less likely of forgery
130% Less likely of fraud

Vigilance Against Vulnerability

Our security is all encompassing–tested with penetration attempts and vulnerability scan.

  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) Level 1 compliant, with expertise in Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other industry-specific standards.
  • Flexible, scalable and secure service solutions, fully customized to meet your needs.
  • Virtual disaster recovery that takes advantage of a distributed, integrated network of resources—from agents to data to infrastructure.

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Cybersecurity Features

As a leader in contact center outsourcing, ours is an integrated approach—from vetted agents to hardened infrastructure to locked-down data.

Secure Your Customers’ Data

From Steady-state to Fast-flex to Disaster Recovery Plan

Cybersecurity has been our priority for decades. Working Solutions is a recognized leader in contact center outsourcing, with an onshore network of at-home, customer-care professionals since 1996.

Designed to withstand any conceivable threat to data security, our cloud-based virtual network is available to secure your communications or IT infrastructure, online transactions and more.

Industry Standards, Plus More

Industry Protocols Down to a Science

From Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) Level 1 certification for online payments to HIPAA compliance for healthcare and more, trust our compliance experts to make sure you’re meeting your industry’s required safeguards and standards.

We comply with International ISO 27001 guidance for information security management (ISMS), and our auditing practices adhere to the Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements No. 16 (SSAE 16) to ensure security in financial reporting, privacy controls and confidentiality.

A Culture of Security

At Working Solutions, security is in our culture, and inseparable from everything we do. We know data encryption and agent authentication are just as important as macro-issues, such as pinpointing vulnerability and mitigating risk.

We employ a holistic approach that examines every contingency—knowing that’s what it takes to be secure.

Whatever Works Best for Clients

When it comes to platforms or software, we have preferences. Proven ones. That said, we will work with whatever systems clients favor to provide great customer service.

Being open, Working Solutions has the freedom to envision the most-effective combination of infrastructure and security solutions to best protect you and your customers (and theirs, too).

5 Essential Data Security Questions

Before you partner with any customer-service solutions provider, make sure you get a verified “yes” to these five crucial questions:

  1. Do you run a failsafe network, as practice, or on paper?
  2. Do you manage system vulnerability to measured by past intrusions?
  3. Have you implemented access controls plan for worst-case scenarios?
  4. Do you monitor and test networks with foolproof verification?
  5. Do you maintain a security policy in without fail?

Learn More About Our Extra Safeguard and Protection Measures

The Best Security for Your Business

We go beyond standard protocols with agent desktop visualization and data-masking, when requested, to shield cardholder identity. Data access is controlled through multilayer security, such as two-factor authentication. Encryption, real-time monitoring and breach alarm help fortify cyber defense.

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Take advantage of our decades of expertise to protect your business today, tomorrow and years to come.