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Boost Business Outcomes & Retain Customers

    • Measure every metric, from program development to agent engagement.
    • Receive easy-to-interpret analysis and KPI-oriented recommendations.
    • Implement the tech solutions and expertise needed to improve.

Fewer dropped calls. Faster omnichannel engagement. More satisfied customers. We make sure you hit the goals that matter to you with advanced data intelligence and analytics. You get the specific insights needed to improve each customer experience, driving satisfaction and loyalty and reducing churn. Through it all, we work to your standards, measuring success in productivity and outcomes and setting new goals to further your operational goals.

Higher Retention. Happier Customers.

Customer churn can be costly. Analytics help you boost customer retention by giving you the tools to make the right follow-up engagement moves after the initial transaction. By offering a more customized, personalized experience, you give customers an excuse to stick around instead of checking out the competition.

33% More spent by returning customers
25%+ Higher overall profits from boosting retention
65% Of company's business is from existing customers

Measure. Analyze. Improve.

Boost business outcomes with analytics.

  • Information on your most valuable customers, which are most engaged and more at risk of churn
  • Clearer understanding of your customer journey to identify bottlenecks and bounce triggers
  • Behavior predictions to expand relationships with existing customers and provide essential insights for entering new markets
  • Tools to create a personalized CX and turn casual shoppers into lifelong brand advocates

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Analytics Features

The strategic use of analytics doesn’t just tell you what’s happening now, but offers new vistas and opportunities for growth in the years to come.

Every Last Touchpoint

Each interaction with a customer generates data. Even the absence of contact is an insight that can be used to improve the customer experience. The more data you have, the better you can understand each customer’s likes, what they expect from you, what time of day or week they prefer to engage, and other valuable insights.

To get this info, you need the right software and engagement tools. But it doesn’t end there. It also takes real expertise to now only interpret this data, but also to apply it to your specific business in the most impactful ways, according to the demands of the customer with your market objectives.

Are you up to date? Analytics is constantly evolving, remarkably in recent years. If your game plan is even a year old, it’s time for an update.

Follow the Experience

Tracking customer interactions and using that data to improve CX isn’t just a good idea but a business essential. Consumers may resist the undisclosed use of their data but they will share it voluntarily if it means getting a better, more personalized experience.

It’s just a matter of knowing what questions to ask, how to ask them — and then how to apply the results.

What are your options for opting them in? You’ll need to make sure you’re compliant with CPRA and all data laws in the areas you operate, which often includes website functionality offering specific legal verbiage. We’ll help ensure your portals acquire the necessary permissions as legally required and comply with industry-specific regulations like HIPAA.

What to Know First

Before you apply any analytical strategy, make sure you have a clear path forward on these essential items:

    1. Are you making use of advanced tech like AI and machine learning to process data?


    1. Are you employing education programs to help agents hit KPIs and meet improvement goals?


    1. Is the technology fully secure and in compliance with all applicable regulations?


    1. Are results being analyzed and interpreted according to your specific priorities and goals?


  1. Are results being interpreted to recognize new market and growth opportunities?

Learn More About Our Advanced Data Gathering and Assessment

Measure. Track. Analyze. Improve.

Today’s customers expect what experts call a contextualized experience, which requires a deeper level of data gathering, including data points like geolocation and social preferences. We can help you leverage the technology needed to bring it all together, and learn the right lessons from the results.

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