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Working Solutions: Leader in Remote Workforces


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Early Adopter of the “Gig Economy” Model

Much is written about the “gig economy,” fueled by freelance talent. The rise of independent contractors is gaining ground fast and attracting the attention of analysts. They see it as a new labor model, estimated by Intuit to comprise 40 percent of the U.S. workers by 2020. 

In 2016, Gartner cited Working Solutions as one of the “business networks” that represents future possibilities in this growing trend. The company, in fact, initiated its remote workforce model in 1996—decades ahead of the current movement.

Working Solutions’ ability to aggregate and source highly desired talent for contact center services is key to its success in this emerging model, now being emulated by other businesses.

Homeshoring Solutions

Maverick Research, part of industry analyst Gartner, reports: “To attract talent, Working Solutions relies on its reputation for providing workers with legitimate remote-work opportunities. The company builds up talent pools of educated, experienced agents for sales, customer care and technical support jobs.”

Clients that partner with the company soon realize its strong focus on establishing the right connections with their own customers. To that end, it immerses agents in a client’s brand, educating them in the culture and customers. This way, many agents, who often are customers themselves, readily identify with the business.

Throughout the years, Working Solutions built up a pool of 110,000+ agents nationwide, with an emphasis on recruiting skilled agents, customized onboarding and assured performance. Using U.S.-based talent from the start, it continues to offer clients homeshoring solutions.

Epitomizes Flexibility

Pioneering the “gig economy” more than 20 years ago, Working Solutions provides on-demand contact center agents for several industries, including retail, healthcare and travel and hospitality. Its independent, distributed workforce enables the company to scale up to 200%, epitomizing flexibility for peak volume and seasonal surges.

“The business world is more fluid, and fickle, than ever,” said Kristin Kanger, vice president, talent management. “So we look for new ways to modernize our operations for employees, agents and clients—to attract the best talent-on-tap and stay relevant in an on-demand marketplace.”

Most recently, Gartner listed Working Solutions as one of the major customer relationship management (CRM) business process outsourcing providers active in North America. And, last year, this leading advisory firm named the company as a “Rising Star” for customer management business process outsourcing.


“According to a 2014 study commissioned by the Freelancers Union, 53 million Americans are independent workers, about 34 percent of the total workforce. A study from Intuit predicts that by 2020, 40 percent of US workers will fall into this category.”

Boston Globe

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