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Workforce Training Webinar: How to Ensure Successful Virtual Education

The new social guidelines imposed by the 2020 coronavirus pandemic have led to a sharp increase in the use of virtual training programs to help educate employees, healthcare professionals and a wide variety of other teams and groups. And even if and when those guidelines become obsolete, the virtual training programs are likely to stay in use.

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The challenge, then, is to make the virtual training program you use as effective and engaging as possible. Luckily, that’s a goal that’s well within reach. Thanks to the enormous amount of quality learning tools and apps available to support remote learning, virtual training has become, in many ways, superior to basic class-based teaching.

In a recent webinar, Tamara Schroer, Working Solutions vice president of Education and Development, explains precisely how. And we’ve broken down her step-by-step instructions into all of the components for successful virtual training into this handy checklist.

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Charting the Key Components of Virtual Training

Our virtual education model is designed to connect with all types of learners, from the visual to the hands-on, in a way that engages everyone. It begins with a walkthrough of process and setup —such as finding the right learning management system and web conferencing platform to use—and continues with a detailed rundown of delivery methods.

Direct instruction. Guided practice. Independent practice. Each is an essential component of a successful virtual training program. And each has a suite of associated tools—such as apps, cooperative learning exercises, web-based resources and even familiar games, including Tic Tac Toe and Jeopardy. All of them help people engage with material and retain it in a meaningful way.

Just as important, though is finding the right teachers for the job. From a passion for teaching to an ability to think outside the box, there are certain qualities that stand out in quality educators. They are the type of professionals who can successfully take what works within a traditional classroom strategy and transfer it to an even more successful virtual setting.


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