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Steps to Ensure Business Continuity


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Steps to Ensure Business Continuity

With today’s technology, mega-storms are predictable—hurricanes or blizzards. No surprises. Knowing that, any consumer-facing company can prepare to deliver ongoing customer service. No excuses.

These four steps help ensure clients are ready when their businesses get caught in a storm’s crosshairs.

  1. Assessing Risk
  2. Storms can be forecast, but estimating customer demand or volume is not always easy. That’s why we work in advance with clients one-on-one to understand their risk tolerance. Most clients evaluate risk versus reward, based on certain business scenarios. For instance, they assess the impact of potential lost sales or interrupted customer service. Safety always comes first, moving employees out of harm’s way—and relying on remote contact center agents to deliver service from afar.

  3. Anticipating Demand
  4. Working Solutions program managers monitor news alerts and weather reports. When a storm is predicted, we first rely on client continuity plans already in place. Depending on a storm’s severity, we adjust resources and reserve agents to expand coverage or fill anticipated gaps in service. Our on-demand business model is designed to fast-flex up or down with weather conditions.

  5. Communicating Constantly
  6. Communications before, during and after a storm are vital. We constantly confer with clients, anticipating their needs and projecting outcomes. We send email and text alerts—along with weather forecasts—to agents, asking for all hands on deck, if necessary. Also, we underscore the possibility that extra hours and shifts might be added before the storm hits, in its wake and aftermath.

  7. Responding Beyond
  8. With preparation, comes responsiveness. But sometimes—even with the best contingencies—a storm’s fury exceeds what’s expected. As it intensifies and customer volume increases, we tap into agents on standby across the U.S., directing them into inundated areas to alleviate pressure. We add shifts in well-timed increments, keeping agents fresh, responsive and in constant supply.

Even with precautions, businesses still get flooded, snowed in and windblown. Best to anticipate the angst and plan accordingly to keep operating. Business continuity planning simply improves yours odds. Why tempt fate?


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