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Rising to #4 on FlexJobs’ 2021 Top 100 Companies

Sustaining business for clients and serving their customers well inspires us, requiring a steady supply of talent to meet the demands. It means being ready for whatever comes, foreseen or unexpected.

working solutions makes ti to number 4 on flexjob list

Last year during the pandemic, we offered remote opportunities to 10,000s of individuals working from home—some of whom had lost their in-office jobs from the crisis. We were glad to be there for them.

Our company did what it has always done through an on-demand business model, working with independent contractors as remote, customer-care contact center agents. In 2020, though, it mattered more than usual—placing our virtual, customer-care company #4 among the 2021 FlexJobs 100 Top Companies with Remote Jobs.


This year’s selection was out of 57,000 companies. In previous years, Working Solutions ranked among the FlexJobs Top 10 as well. We placed #5 in 2020, again #5 in 2019, #10 in 2018, #7 in 2017 and #9 in 2016 in the rankings.

After 2020, the distinction felt somewhat different, somehow more important.

Reshaped the Workplace

Sara Sutton, founder and CEO of FlexJobs, points out how the pandemic “permanently reshaped the workplace,” causing companies and workers to view virtual jobs differently—more productively.

As a result, working remote is not only right for the times, but it’s ripe with opportunities for the near and long terms.

With 25 years as an onshore contact center outsourcer, we know the viability of virtual work and what it delivers in good times and bad. Working remote is versatile, with capabilities to shift jobs, scale resources and perform outside of harm’s way. Forever changing to be up to the challenge.

Being Mobile and Modern

If the ongoing pandemic teaches us anything, it’s preparedness. Mobile and modern, remote workers rise to the occasion, as evidenced by the events of 2020 and into the New Year.

More than ever, Working Solutions is proud to make FlexJobs’ 2021 Top Companies list. Like other organizations represented there, we offer remote jobs now and into the future.

As the nation recovers from several crises and unemployment, we believe our purpose as a 21st-century workforce is now greater than ever—both in providing jobs and serving others.

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