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How to Improve the Healthcare Customer Service Experience for Patients and Providers

The healthcare industry has had to adapt to remarkable changes brought on by the global health crisis of the last few years. As a result, improving the customer service experience has evolved into an issue of paramount importance for every company. Positive brand interactions are more critical than ever for the lifeline of a business. For hospitals, doctors, and service providers, simplifying communication for patients and creating alternatives for treatment has been vital to surviving.

Improve the Healthcare Customer Service Experience for Patients and for Providers

As the necessity of this change has evolved, two approaches have emerged as viable solutions to the issues laid bare by the need to reach more people in the most expeditious manner. Both have positively impacted the customer service experience, for patients and for providers.

For patients, access to a provider-offered app has given them a way to assist with a multitude of needs and issues at their convenience. For providers, partnering with a Business Process Outsourcer has freed up staff to focus on other priorities, and allowed for a greater scope of reach in treatment.

An Easy Way to Help

For patients, having an app is a convenient and low-cost way to address a variety of customer issues in an expedient manner. Thanks to mobile phone adoption, patients are just a touch away from the information they need. An app provides easy, on-the-go access so patients can speak to their doctors virtually, see their test results in real-time, and use the app’s knowledge base to answer questions without talking to provider staff.

Conversely, providers have a way to communicate effectively with alerts and notifications, can offer diversified products and services, and deliver personalization from empathic, expert agents who can answer questions and resolve issues effectively. Patients feel their needs are addressed and resolution is more accessible. Wherever the customer may be, they can access and utilize health benefits with ease, which ultimately results in higher customer satisfaction.

How Apps Benefit Patients

The most impactful benefits of offering an app for patient customer service are convenience, instant access, and the opportunity to foster brand loyalty. With an app, distance from your healthcare provider is no longer an issue, as anyone can access an app from anywhere, at any time of day. This helps to reduce costs, both for the patient and for the provider. And finally, with every positive interaction with the provider’s app, brand loyalty grows.

Keeping Up with the Times

If there is one constant in the healthcare industry, it is change. There are regulations to deal with, issues over patient privacy, and keeping confidential data secure. It’s hard for any healthcare provider to manage these issues and then also provide first-rate customer service, in addition to the challenges of simply running their business.

Helping Providers Give a Great Customer Experience

Here is how a BPO can help. They handle all of that and more, so the business leaders can focus on leading the business. Did you know that the global healthcare business process outsourcer (BPO) market is estimated to reach $370 billion by 2027? That’s an increase of 9.81% per year. Or that outsourcing healthcare customer service may help companies reduce costs significantly?

For health providers, partnering with a BPO offers more scalability. An on-demand, virtual customer service partner can give patients access to expert agents 24/7. They can balance the workforce, adding or subtracting agents depending upon spikes in patient volume, and they manage agent training and staying up to date on necessary technology. A BPO service also allows for the promotion of expanded practice offerings that the customer may not have discovered on their own.

Which Customer Experience Opportunity Will You Choose?

Whether your business is focused on providers or patients, there are ways in both instances to elevate the customer experience, which can cut costs, heighten brand loyalty, and increase revenues. BPOs help providers and apps help patients. Which one is right for you?

How Working Solutions Can Help

Working Solutions offers premium, on-demand healthcare industry customer care to meet sales and marketing objectives and patient satisfaction goals. With 24/7 service available 365 days a year, our virtual customer service agents provide premium customer care and are well-versed in all aspects of healthcare BPO. We offer scalable solutions, including provider services, member services, patient management and more. Let our experts give you the power to elevate your patient experience – and patient satisfaction – at every touchpoint.

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