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How to Build Customer Loyalty with On-demand Contact Center Solutions

“One of the most important measurements used to quantify call center performance is customer satisfaction,” Working Solutions CMO Gail Rigler believes. “Why? Because hopefully a happy customer is a loyal customer—one who buys more of your product, but also refers new customers through their personal and social networks.”

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The value of that double silver lining—more business from existing customers, who go on to promote your brand on their own initiative—cannot be overestimated. It underscores just how critical customer loyalty is in our hyper-connected, ultra-competitive world. And in an era of instant gratification, where competitors are just a click away, this fact also points to the danger of neglecting it.

The same explosion in communications channels that has made contact center management such a specialized service in today’s market also has created almost limitless channels for strengthening customer loyalty. The modern contact center provides not just a wide variety of customer communications touchpoints, it also offers a largely untapped selection of opportunities for using them meaningfully.

Seizing those opportunities may simply be a matter of partnering with an effective, on-demand customer service partner. One that understands the importance of preserving and building customer loyalty for their clients, but also is prepared to use the full range of resources of the modern contact center to help them achieve it.

The Importance of Building Customer Loyalty – and How to Do It



“Why is customer loyalty important?” asks Working Solutions chief executive Kim Houlne in an exploration of customer loyalty. “Put simply: value. Loyal customers believe that you provide value they cannot get elsewhere. These customers become champions for your company, recommending it to others with needs for your service.”

Houlne understands customer loyalty, having worked steadily since the 1990s building Working Solutions into a leading provider of business process outsourcing. And though it’s certainly true that reliability, resilience and the sheer quality of product or service are the most important elements in building loyalty, she also believes that a slight shift in communications strategy is just as essential.

“By simply changing your focus from sales or retention to instead building relationships with existing clientele, you’ll have more than just a customer—you’ll have customer loyalty,” she writes. “Long-term customers providing consistent referrals means that you have built a growing, successful company.”

Long-term customers providing consistent referrals means that you have built a growing, successful company.

On-demand customer service provides an efficient way to start building those kinds of relationships with your customers. Employing a network of skilled, freelance agents throughout United States and Canada, on-demand contact center services are well-suited to promoting a customer communications perspective that’s value-centric and based in best practices.

By earning trust, providing guidance and assurance, working toward first-call resolution and a host of other proven methods, on-demand agents fully understand their role in helping build customer loyalty. They’re just as skilled in echoing a single, unified message as improvising and upselling when the opportunity exists and working to otherwise promote customer satisfaction.

How to Choose the Right On-demand Customer Care Partner

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Wondering whether an on-demand contact center can actually deliver on its promises of building customer loyalty? Here’s one good way to be sure: Find out how clients and their customers view them.

For many businesses, this is possible by simply looking at their CSAT scores, an industry measurement of customer satisfaction. At Working Solutions, we rank approximately 13% higher than the industry average for outsourced customer service. It’s a ranking we attribute not simply to our focus on ensuring clients receive the highest-grade customer service, but also our ability to leverage more than two decades’ worth of expertise to offer a customer experience geared toward building loyalty.

“If customer experience is important to the future of your business—if you see the value in boasting a double-digit, higher CSAT score than your competition—then the only potential drawback of the on-demand model is failing to choose the right provider to deliver it,” as experts at the Working Solutions blog espouse.

Our network is filled with talented representatives motivated to provide the best possible customer care. Embodying the brand, agents communicate your culture and values as part of a continuum that drives satisfaction while reinforcing loyalty.

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