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Five Myths about GigCX

GigCX has revolutionized the world of contact center outsourcing due to the results and cost savings it yields. As brands adopt the usage of on-demand workers in customer service, many wonder if leveraging GigCX is right for their businesses. Explore the top misconceptions of customer service as we debunk “Five Myths about GigCX.”

We surveyed over 2,000 customer service professionals and the results reveal a wealth of untapped knowledge. GigCX workers boast diverse educational backgrounds and extensive experience. The misconception that remote service agents lack real-world experience is also dispelled, with data showing a majority of them have six or more years of customer service experience.

GigCX roles offer an attractive blend of flexibility and entrepreneurship, contrary to the myth that people work in this field due to a lack of better options. Contrasting to this common misconception, the trend of outsourcing customer service overseas is being reconsidered, with many U.S. clients now choosing onshore service providers for cultural compatibility.

Don’t let misconceptions cloud your understanding of GigCX! Speak to an expert today and discover the truth behind the myths.

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