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Equip Your Call Center for 2018 Hurricane Season


Got a Call Center Hurricane Plan? This Year, You May Need One


The odds aren’t looking too good for this year’s hurricane season here in the United States. CNN reports: “There is a 63% chance of the continental US being hit by a major hurricane this season.”

Anticipating this: Are your call center operations 100% ready to ensure continuous customer service?

Predictions name 14 potential storms, several of which could be major hurricanes. This means the 2018 season might be as devastating as last year’s, which included Harvey, Irma and Maria.


There’s a 63% chance a major hurricane will hit the U.S. this year. Are your call center operations 100% ready?


Disaster Recovery Year-Round

From June 1 to November 30 last year, the United States “suffered more than $200 billion worth of damage from 17 named storms”—making it the country’s most expensive hurricane season.

Were your call center operations impacted by one or more of them? If so, at what cost to your business and quality of customer service?

But here’s an even bigger, badder thought: Hurricane season normally lasts only a few months. Let’s not forget about tornadoes, floods and blizzards.

How well are your call center operations equipped and staffed to run without a hitch year-round? Whatever occurs?

Questions to Consider

Weather predictions and alarming headlines don’t make for a sound business plan. Preparedness requires well-weighed questions, answered in advance, such as:

  • Are there enough skilled agents available to ensure uninterrupted customer service? For how long?
  • What if disasters, natural or manmade, occur back to back—with no room for recovery? Then what?
  • If in-house teams are overwhelmed, are outside resources in reserve to step in to help. How fast?


Hurricane season usually lasts only a few months. Are your call center operations ready for whatever happens year-round?


For more than 20 years, Working Solution has run clients’ everyday call center services. In times of trouble, our agents fill the breach with nonstop customer care, flexing 100% if needed. For large-scale projects, we ensure operations months out.

Beyond weathering storms, we forecast whatever it takes for smooth, steady service—365 days a year.

Ensure customer service 24/7 with us.


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