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Elevating Customer Service and Sales in the New Year

In 2019, Working Solutions begins its 23rd year serving clients and their customers across many different industries, from consumer services to healthcare to hospitality. Working with diverse businesses generates new ideas and opens up opportunities for cross-industry contact center solutions.

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It also attracts a good mix of customer service reps, whose skills could be broad-based or industry-specific. They include seasoned travel agents, who know legacy systems, such as Sabre airline reservations—and new-age retail sales experts, who help digital consumers as mobile shopping and online buying expand.

Regardless of the application or industry, customers expect their experiences to segue from channel to channel, without interruption. Such seamlessness calls for exacting business processes and performance.

As challenges arise, we hear similar concerns and questions from prospective and existing clients, such as:

  • “Climate change threatens our call center operations and disrupts service. How can we avert it?”
  • “Customers expect more personalized service these days. How can we ensure customized care?”
  • “Merging self-service automation with live agents poses problems. How can we blend the two?”

Delivering the right solutions requires delving into a client’s operations, understanding its culture and customers, and creating an on-demand contact center workforce in its own image.

In 2019, we will continue partnering with current clients that entrust us with their businesses and brands. And we’ll extend a welcome to new clients to elevate their customer service and sales.

No doubt, the New Year will bring opportunities on which we can all capitalize.

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