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Celebrating Thanksgiving in 2020

This year’s Thanksgiving will be different than any before—and hopefully than any ever again. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will only be virtual, with the coveted job of balloon handler being replaced by automation and vehicles. Family dinners may be outdoors or over Zoom or WebEx. Black Friday will probably look more like Cyber Monday.

on demand contact center solutions for families using video chat to connect with loved ones

And while we may miss out on some of our cherished traditions, we should be mindful that others may be missing much more.

That’s why on top of being thankful this season, it’s important to be kind to one another. So many have been directly impacted by the events of this year, from the pandemic to natural disasters to the movement for racial equality.

And because this year is unlike others in our lifetime, we at Working Solutions think it especially important to name what we are most thankful for: people doing right by others. For the heroic efforts of those on the front lines, for those who have spoken up for the disadvantaged and marginalized, and for the steadfast dedication of our employees, independent contractors, and clients. We see you. We appreciate all that you do.

While it isn’t much, as a small token of our appreciation, we’ve compiled a list of ideas to make the best out of your quarantine Thanksgiving. Your celebrations may be different, but you can still make them fun.

We know the future may still be uncertain, but we believe if we continue to keep others’ needs top-of-mind, we will get through this. We hope that you and your loved ones keep healthy and stay connected this holiday season.

From our family to yours,

Happy Thanksgiving.

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