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Business Continuity Planning Checklist


Business Continuity Checklist

In business, the inevitable always comes. Shutdowns. Breakdowns. Letdowns. Best prepare beforehand. That means having plans in place and resources on hand to ensure business continuity. Here’s a checklist to prepare.

Business Continuity Planning Checklist



You can’t know everything. But some things you do. That’s why—before things occur—develop if-that, then-what scenarios. Natural disasters. Workplace disruptions. Business upsurges. Make believe they’re real. Then, get real and ready.


Enlist experts to do what you can’t in high-demand or emergency situations. Make sure they know your operations cold. Explain everyone’s roles and responsibilities so nothing and no one slips between the cracks. Namely, your reputation and customers.


Organize everything in a continuity command center or site, with fingertip responses to mobilize players and resources. Have them at the ready—internal teams and external means. A clear line of sight enables a business to better control a crisis or a crunch, and respond with clarity.


Determine the risk/reward model that works best for you. Be realistic. Weight possible outcomes. What can you sacrifice—and what won’t you? For instance, how many contact center agents are you willing to pay for to ensure nonstop service. Do a checkbook-and-a-reality check.


Dry run each scenario. Get everyone involved—inside and out. Throw in monkey wrenches. Break things. Then work out the kinks. Rehearse as if your business and customers depend on it. Because they do.

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