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How Outsourced Customer Care Can Help You Focus on Your Brand Purpose

Does your business have an authentic, clearly defined brand purpose? If not, you could be losing customers to the competition.

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In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, the quality of a company’s customer experience (CX) has been shown time and again to be a key factor in its ability to grow its base. According to research from Zendesk, 24% of customers will continue shopping with a business for two or more years after a good experience, while 39% avoid a vendor for the same amount of time after a bad experience.

That means your failure to offer a good CX could mean losing two out of every five customers. Considering that “avoidable consumer switching” costs U.S. businesses as a whole more than $135 billion per year (per customer churn data from CallMiner), a company’s ability to retain even a small fraction of its customer base could be key to its long-term success.

And in an era when customers scrutinize companies more closely than ever before, your brand purpose plays a big role in the perception and satisfaction that customers feel with your business.


Why Is Your Brand Purpose So Important?

woman holding an sign that reads excellent customer experience

Customer experience has become as important to a company’s competitive advantage as pricing and product quality.

If you think your business is too small or too geographically isolated to benefit from a brand purpose, think again. Even in the most niche-oriented markets, the customer experience has become as important to a company’s competitive advantage as pricing and product quality.

This is due to customers who are more informed than ever about the businesses they interact with, and more emotionally attached, too. Today, people feel a certain ownership about the brands they like. If they don’t feel that a company has a positive attitude toward them and their communities, they’re not likely to develop the satisfaction and loyalty that’s key to long-term success.

Developing a customer-friendly brand purpose, then, can help ensure that your customer experience is where you want it to be. With this in mind, your brand purpose is arguably as important as your efforts toward product development, market research or operational efficiency.


5 Ways to Develop a Better Brand Purpose

on demand contact center customer service agent talking to customer using video chat

Making more of an effort to quickly resolve complaints, as well as to more efficiently integrate feedback.

At first glance, the idea of developing a positive brand purpose may seem elusive, involving concepts, such as authenticity and personal values, that may be hard to nail down in operational practice. But it’s not as difficult as it may seem. Working to achieve a few, universal goals can go far toward developing the kind of brand purpose you need for long-term success.

1. Take Customer Feedback Seriously. Making more of an effort to quickly resolve complaints, as well as to more efficiently integrate feedback, helps you develop a brand purpose in the eyes of your customer base. And when you share the fact that you’re doing so—say, on social media, or in emails to your customers—you’re helping to improve their image of you.

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2. Engage with Your Community. A certain mindfulness about the community helps, too—a goal that can be achieved by participating in community-based events and locally promoting your business. On top of boosting your brand purpose, engaging with your community is a great way to market your business within your local market.

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3. Share Helpful Insights. One way to make your brand unique in the eyes of consumers is by sharing authentic insights into what happens behind the scenes. And, thanks to the prevalence of digital media, this is easily done—say, by posting photos from a community event on Instagram, sharing behind-the-scenes stories on Facebook, or having your leadership team engage with local media publications.

Insight in Action: Working Solutions President Champions the Work-from-home Workforce with the Dallas Business Journal

4. Contribute to Charity. Contributing to charitable events offers the obvious advantage of helping people in need, while also boosting your brand profile and raising morale, too. As a Working Solutions contact center agent said after our involvement in the Stand Up To Cancer telecast, “thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of this event and allowing me the honor to take part.”

Case Study: Working Solutions Agents, Employees Stepped In to Help Stamp Out Cancer

5. Respect Your Employees. No matter what niche you serve, your customers want to know that you’re treating your employees well. So, by making sure that the agents who represent you are friendly, engaged and enthusiastic, you’re helping to ensure your customers will share that enthusiasm.

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Need Help Developing Your Brand Purpose?

If you’re not sure how to develop a brand purpose, we can help. A key element is having access to on-point contact center agents who can communicate your business as effectively as possible to customers. And, as a pioneer of the outsourced call contact center industry, we can help you reach that goal at a price point that’s friendly to even a small business budget.

Our contact center agents are not only highly skilled in the finer points of customer service, but they’re also educated to be experts in your industry and specific business objectives. The result is a chance to offer a CX that not only keeps you one step ahead of the competition, but that also improves your chances for upselling and even overall operational growth.

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Increasing customer engagement

With more than 20 years of experience helping businesses of all sizes, and across all industries, achieve the best possible CX, Working Solutions is well-positioned to help you develop and focus on the brand purpose you need to succeed. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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