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Affordable Care Act Means Rapid Agent Ramp-Up for Insurance Providers


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Healthcare Reform brings a tidal wave of changes, compliance challenges and adjustments for almost any business. Yet no industry will be overwhelmed by this storm more than insurance agencies and healthcare providers. The facts are that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) put in place more change, more opportunity and more need for insurance benefits providers to communicate and sometimes even console their clients. This means changing the front-line so that every transaction between a customer and the contact center is handled with precision.

Prudent business practices require that those in this industry adjust how they are doing business, and adjust quickly. So how does an organization like United Healthcare or Blue Cross Blue Shield ramp up contact centers quickly enough to tackle the wave of information? Find the right contact center outsourcing partner.

Rapid Ramp-Up is a Skill

Just like any business muscle, rapid ramp-up of contact center agents requires continual work-outs to streamline processes and cull the fat. This is the backbone of a strong contact center outsourcer. After all, ramping up new programs is common-place. The ability to ensure a solid ramp-up begins with understanding the needs of the client. Understanding the changes ACA will bring is no small task. However, contact centers are adept at handling these types of challenges and should already have the processes in place to quickly implement projects of all sizes. Look for an outsource partner that can speak to the specifics of a rapid ramp-up and provide details on how the program will be phased into alignment with your organization.

Recruiting is Crucial

Another challenge for insurance and benefits providers is recruiting talent quickly enough to meet the demands. Proactively communicating with clients to understand the changes and how they impact each business and individual means getting the right people in place. Look for contact centers that have strong recruiting efforts in place for such talent, making it easier for your healthcare and benefits organization to ramp-up without over-burdening internal human resources and recruiting teams. The contact center should have the ability to continually recruit the right talent based on your criteria and ensure a strong end result.

Training is Vital

We are all very aware of the amount of misinformation already being communicated via various media channels, not to mention the general lack of understanding among most people as to the details of the ACA. Training new agents will be a vital component of not only ensuring a successful rapid ramp-up, but also to provide correct, concise information to existing and potential clients. Look for an outsource partner that has a strong train-the-trainer program. The program should deliver information based on your organization’s specific programs and needs, while also encompassing varying sessions that ensure learning is absorbed quickly and efficiently. Many outsourcers tout their training programs but it takes more than just having an online training portal to produce excellent training. It requires an understanding of the nuances of learning and education, coupled with strong recruiting practices so that the agents are already seasoned and learning the specifics of your organization.

Business Intelligence Brings It Home

Rapid ramp-ups require a strong operations team that not only understands how to develop and implement a program, but also to report and analyze the details. Business intelligence will provide quick data to either make adjustments or continue the course. The right contact center outsource partner will understand the specifics of a rapid ramp-up and know what analytics to review early versus the information needed for foundational baseline information. Furthermore, the program team will be looking to communicate with your organization on the details so that customer experience is always high, and any potential issues are uncovered early.

The ACA does not need to overwhelm insurance and benefits providers. In fact, it can be a great opportunity for growth – if managed correctly out of the gate. A good option to ensuring positive customer experience and excellent communication is to engage with a contact center outsourcer that understands how to align with your industry and ramp up quickly. Then your team can focus on results and happy customers.

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