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Commitment to Inclusion: Working Solutions Unveils Brand Refresh

Dallas, Texas (Nov. 2, 2021)  — Working Solutions today rolled out the largest brand refresh in the company’s history, launched in celebration of the on-demand business outsourcer’s 25th anniversary. The rebranding focuses on accessibility, diversity and inclusion. The refresh includes a full design system and framework for rapid development of new technology with digital delivery. “Our brand embodies our culture, character and values,” said Kim Houlne, Working Solutions founder and chief executive. “As a company that people rely on, it stands for promises made and kept to clients, their customers, our agents and to each other.”

Elevated Expectations

This brand refresh debuts in a workplace and a marketplace of elevated expectations, which require more of Working Solutions and, in fact, every company every day, Houlne believes. Two years into the pandemic, everything has changed, except the need for great customer care. Refreshing the brand renews the Working Solutions commitment to this belief. Caring is defined now by metrics of conscience and community: diversity, equity and inclusion—or DEI. “The words we use, the images we portray and the actions we take reveal who and what we are,” said Houlne, who runs this woman-owned business. “In many ways, it’s a lot like looking in the mirror. A reflection of ourselves. And one that others see as well.”

Genuine Experiences

It’s occurring as social issues and corporate responsibilities merge for workers and companies. And that comes down to ensuring experiences match up with expectations, while also aligning with personal values. This means every customer interaction, at every touchpoint, must resonate as genuine. “Working Solutions sees its brand refresh as journey of believability for clients, their customers, employees, agents and partners,” said Houlne. “Ultimately, it’s about moving experiences forward.” The company last updated its brand in 2017. This effort won several awards, including being listed a one of the Top 100 Rebrands in the World.

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