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‘Tis the Season Year-round for On-demand Contact Center Agents

The marketplace is awash with stories about businesses needing holiday help. Hundreds of thousands of workers are sought for customer service operations, store sales and distribution centers. This scenario is set against the backdrop of record unemployment in the U.S., registering 3.7% in September.

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Recently, remote work expert FlexJobs singled out 16 companies “doing heavy seasonal hiring,” naming Working Solutions, which seeks 2,800 contact center agents now through April 2019.

Holiday demand notwithstanding, the need for on-demand workforces, which ramp up and down, continues throughout the year, year after year, be it for:

  1. Nonstop customer service during disasters, such as hurricanes Florence and Michael.
  2. Marketing campaigns to roll out new products and services, vital to brand-building.
  3. Projects with tight timeframes, including special enrollment or fulfillment programs.


Creating a Workforce in a Client’s Own Image

Whatever the nature or size of the job, the capability to scale skilled agents, schooled in a client’s operations, is critical for success. It comes down the ability to create a workforce in a client’s own image, with agents at the ready who embody the brand and identify with customers.

Admittedly, that’s hard to do with temp labor, as short-handed companies scramble for too few bodies to fill slots once or twice a year. Sporadic hiring can be hit-or-miss, which doesn’t make for sound business practices. Savvy customers know quick if service reps or salespeople are knowledgeable or knuckleheads.

The Working Solutions approach instead draws on sustained performance—not short-term, seasonal fixes. It’s based on proven processes, from recruiting to onboarding to ongoing development. On hand is a network of 110,000+ agents registered across the United States and in Canada, skilled by job and industry.

Providing on-demand contact center services for more than 20 years, Working Solutions understands the mechanics of how to operate virtually, and the mindset required to engage freelance talent, that defines today’s gig economy.

Being independent and in high demand, workers can now pick and choose. Being well-informed, through jobsites such as FlexJobs and Glassdoor, they research to where to apply—or not. Being “gig,” they represent a movement freed of traditional workplace restraints and dated business practices.

Whether you’re a company wanting holiday help, or one that has ongoing needs, be mindful of the new-age business mindset: On-demand workers will work for you—provided you work with them.

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