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12 Holiday Traditions Around the World (video) and 5 Unique Workplace Holiday Traditions (blog)

Before we get into the 5 unique workplace traditions, let’s check out some other unique traditions from around the world in our video featuring Morgan Freeman-ee narration.


Holiday traditions abound for families, but business and holiday traditions don’t always seem to go hand in hand. Despite that, sharing traditions can be an important part of team building and culture. They help make each employee’s time at the company more profound, they create rich memories, and can also be educational.

5 unique workplace holiday traditions

1. Krampus cake

December 5, Krampusnacht is celebrated in some European countries by people dressing up as Krampus, the half goat, half demon creature who punishes naughty children. Your office can celebrate by getting Krampus cake and learning about other cultures.

2. Elf on the Shelf

No holiday office décor is complete without an elf on the shelf, but why not take the tradition a step further. Each year draw two names to be the official office Elf on the Shelf. They can be tasked with creative, nightly mischief.

3. Year-in-review video

Employees love these videos to look back on what happened in the past year and outlook for the year to come.

4. Price is Right office party

This idea come from Linkedin. “Upon getting to the party, all employees got a ticket. After dinner and drinks, I’d get on stage like Bob Barker from “The Price is Right” and call people up on stage to see what they won. The suspense was awesome and since we had some serious gifts, it was a hit.”

5. Holidays around the world potluck

If your company is like ours here at Working Solutions, you probably have a very diverse group of employees from around the world

To all you kids from 1 to 92, Happy Holidays from all of us at Working Solutions and be sure to like, comment and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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