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Scale up Operations 300% or More with 110,000+ On-Demand Agents

increase your sales up to 300 percent and transform your call center

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Every call center needs a responsive workforce. Skilled and ready, whatever the situation. Slow times call for fewer agents. Crunch times, such as holidays or unexpected events, require more in reserve.

Transform Your Call Center Customer Operations with On-Demand Solutions

Can yours ramp up 300% or more—with hours’ notice, and then scale back down for routine business? At Working Solutions, our on-demand workforce can—and does—for clients in the United States and Canada.

Quick-turn flexibility isn’t an afterthought. It’s integrated into the business. Forward-thinking companies factor fast-flex solutions into their call center operations to ensure nonstop sales and service. Are you one of them?

Best Weigh Three Critical Factors

Fact is, exemplary customer sales and service require exceptional call center operations. Day in and day out. To perform well, you’d best weigh three critical factors, evaluating:

  1. Service quality – Offshore versus onshore savings and satisfaction.
  2. Agent commitment – Seasonal temps versus on-demand reps.
  3. Workforce fluidity – Brick-and-mortar versus distributed workforce.

#1 Service Quality

Offshoring has become synonymous with call center savings—at the price of sacrificing service quality. As Jeff Wissink writes for Baseline magazine, “what started as a way to cut costs has, for many companies, ended with a customer satisfaction issue.”

“what started as a way to cut costs has, for many companies, ended with a customer satisfaction issue.”

And that’s to say nothing of the political fallout from sending call center jobs overseas. Just ask one global telecom company, which closed 30+ call centers in America in recent years. For any business, offshoring then poses a double whammy: unhappy consumers and poor public perception.

Onshoring, or homeshoring, is seen as a better cultural match for businesses serving U.S. customers. Instant communications—tweets, text and chat—are more conversational. Jargon and nuances don’t always translate offshore. Speaking the language isn’t the same as living it. As positive experiences influence consumers more and differentiate brands, you can expect satisfaction and technological expertise take priority over cost savings.

The blog, “7 Key Reasons to Choose Onshore Call Center Outsourcing,” makes a point-by-point case for keeping work close to home.

customer receiving great service from on demand call center solutions

#2 Agent Commitment

In a recent forecast, Kiplinger reports: “Unemployment edged down to 3.9% in July and will likely fall further.” Good news for workers. Not so much for businesses hungry for help, especially seasonal temps.

And the very word, temp, doesn’t inspire consumer confidence. Fill-the-gap holiday help. Hardly brand ambassadors or customer champions. And in today’s market, even if you can find them, how long will they stay?

More so, why risk your company’s reputation and business—right during peak selling cycles? Isn’t there enough pressure on margins already?

With on-demand contact center outsourcing, skilled agents are:

  • Recruited from across all 50 states and in Canada—by locale and language.
  • Hired for industry-specific expertise—from consumer services to retail to travel.
  • Educated in a client’s culture and customers—for sales, service or tech support.

In short, an on-demand workforce is created in a client’s own image—and committed to succeed.

#3 Workforce Fluidity

Given the mobility of digital business today, brick-and-mortar call centers are at best antiquated, if not obsolete. Why confine customer service operations by square footage and a limited number of seats? Why restrict recruiting talent to a 30-mile radius, the norm for many centers?

By design, an on-demand contact center workforce responds—not merely reacts. Virtual processes enable it to fast-flex, ever-changing as circumstances arise. Its fluid resources mobilize and move as business fluctuates.

You have a choice: A distributed network of 110,000+ agents, scaling up or down as needed. Or, hamstrung call center agents, all stuck in one place—and sometimes in harm’s way.

Just remember those service center evacuations or shutdowns along the East Coast caused by recent hurricanes and nor-easters. For insight into weather-related planning, read: “Is your call center ready for the next storm season?”

graph showing full time equivalent interval per half hour

Clients desire an optimized network to help them handle contact volume. They also want a provider that delivers consistent quality and efficiency, adapting to ever-changing volumes. Working Solutions does both. More effectively onshore, with a network of U.S.-based agents.


Ensure Better Business Outcomes

Three quick questions. Why would you:

  • Degrade customer service?
  • Hire subpar seasonal temps?
  • Immobilize your workforce?

That’s a business plan with three strikes against it.

Try this instead: An on-demand workforce. Educated in your operations. Ever-ready to serve your customers. With as many agents as you need—or don’t. Whenever you need them—or not.

Ensure better business outcomes with on-demand contact center outsourcing.

What if this happens:

  • A hurricane shuts down your call center – Where and how fast can you shift service elsewhere?
  • Marketing launches a year-end campaign – Is there bandwidth in-house to roll out and sustain it?
  • Seasonal sales overwhelm your staff – Can you marshal enough agents to not lose business?

Till then, you could:

  • Call it an act of God—write it off and hope customers will understand. (Contract stipulates.)
  • Go cheap, offshore—and deal with dissatisfied consumers later, if ever. (Mea culpa.)
  • Bring in a bunch of temps—inexperienced stopgaps to get you by. (A short-term fix.)
Sadly, you know the routine: Canned responses instead of candid assessment and responsive solutions.

Get beyond “what if” and “till then.” Take control today—with on-demand agents who take care of customers and your business.

Transform your operations today with on-demand fast-flex solutions.

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