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Using a Remote Hiring Process to Bring in Top Talent

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, some companies are still hiring, and they are doing so online.

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Remote or virtual hiring is not a new process, and like traditional hiring, it requires companies to find candidates who fit into the corporate culture and work well with others. In addition, they must be self-starters.

Business Insider recently did an extensive piece on the virtual-hiring process, interviewing a number of human resources experts from different firms. One of them is Kristin Skiko, Working Solutions vice president of talent management.

Skiko said Working Solutions, a leader in on-demand contact centers, uses a video series to show candidates what a day in the life would be like if they were hired. She explained the company tries to eliminate surprises and walk through customer scenarios, adding that candidates are “learning just as much about us as we are about them.”

According to Skiko, the Working Solutions hiring process is, by design, lengthier and more involved than those of competitors. Applicants must follow directions and be willing to go through the entire process.

If they have trouble doing this, they probably won’t do well as an independent contractor with Working Solutions, she believes.

To read the article, go to “The exact action plan you need to take your hiring process remote and bring in top talent virtually.”

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