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Partnering to Find the Best Contact Center Solutions


Call Center Solutions

Customize Solutions –From Sports Franchiser to Retailer

Business partnerships specifically in call center outsourcing make indelible marks. They can start with high expectations. Or close out with style and grace.

Such is the case for two of our call center outsourcing clients. One new, a sports franchiser. The other old, a name-brand retailer.

The first never had outsourced call center services. The second, driven by business changes, opted to nearshore its call center operations after more than 12 years with us.

Both are studies in the versatility of contact center outsourcing. And how you begin and end valued client relationships.

New Call Center Client: Sports Franchiser

For this sports client, outsourcing its call center services was a first. It needed to be sure that any outside provider would measure up to, if not exceed, the in-house team.

The scope of work included registering children for sporting events, selling sports equipment and soliciting parents to be volunteer coaches.

Beyond doing the job, the client sought a cultural fit between its franchisees and our company and contact center agents. “It wasn’t a decision the client made lightly,” said April Wiita, senior director of Program Success.

Experience has taught her sharing common cultures, with similar values, is fundamental for great relationships.

Several months into the successful changeover, the vice president of Operations said: “Working Solutions has provided real call center solutions to our customer service needs. From inception to implementation, the team involved has displayed an exemplary servant leadership, a high sense of urgency to accommodate requests.”

He points to “a problem-solving, expert and collaborative approach to meet our short- and long-term goals, and a genuine desire to build a strong personal relationship with each member of our team.”

Former Call Center Client: New York City Retailer

After partnering with us for more than a dozen years, this NYC client made a business change in handling its inbound call center services. It went from a virtual contact-center approach back to brick-and-mortar call centers.

While we understood, it was tough on long-term agents, some of whom had worked the program since day one. “More than doing business, agents make friends, with the client’s team and regular customers,” said Wiita.

To ensure a smooth hand-off, we did a 90-day transition of our email, chat and voice services. Some call center agents even offered to stay on longer, if need be, for the client’s success.

As we closed out this chapter of our relationship, the retailer’s senior director of eCommerce wrote: “Again, I want to stress what a pleasure it’s been working with the Working Solutions team.”

That makes for a lasting partnership.


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