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Corporate Responsibility

Feeding Children Everywhere


Doing a World of Good

Ruby’s days are as long as they are fulfilling. She works virtually as a travel agent, often from five in the morning to eight at night. Off the clock, Ruby packages food to feed the hungry throughout the world.

Joining Working Solutions in 2009, she specializes in travel reservations, often helping key clients after hours. Ruby is TICO-certified, enabling her to book reservations for Canadian travelers.

With a degree in theology, she volunteers as an associate pastor at her church in Florida, along with her husband, Charles. And when not at church or on the job, Ruby works with Feeding Children Everywhere, a charity that mobilizes people to assemble healthy meals for hungry families worldwide.

“Hunger Heroes” 
“People can’t work or do much of anything else if they’re always hungry,” said Ruby. “By fulfilling this baseline need, we enable families to get on with their lives and build a future.”

Ruby is a key volunteer for the organization, which means she’s trains “Hunger Heroes” how to package nutritious food. A medium-sized, plastic bag—filled with rice, dry vegetables, salt and lentils—provides a meal for a small family.

Caring for Others
“Churches and other organizations come out in mass from miles around and we train them. We work 45-minute shifts putting meals together.”

Ruby worked two, back-to-back Hunger Projects in June 2015, which produced 600,000 packaged meals. She said an even bigger event followed, with millions of meals being assembled.

“No man is an island. We need one another. And that means helping those who can’t help themselves. If we can do that, then everything else will take care of itself.”

“No man is an island. We need one another.” — Ruby, agent since 2009

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