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5 Most-read Business Blogs of 2017


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Here’s to Great Experiences in the New Year

Before 2017 ends, we’d like to spotlight a handful of the most-read blogs, from business preparedness to kick-ass customer service.

The subjects were as diverse as our readers’ interests. No matter the topic, they’re all part of the nature of contact center outsourcing, as these five blogs attest.

Business Continuity Planning Checklist
In business, the inevitable always comes. Shutdowns. Breakdowns. Letdowns. Best prepare for them beforehand.

What’s Really the Best Way to Manage Retail Seasonality?
This white paper outlines the pros and cons of using brick-and-mortar call centers versus on-demand contact center outsourcing.

Five Trends for Travel and Hospitality in 2017
Here are a few insights from industry experts for elevating customer experiences—and along with them, business performance and brand reputation.

Is Your Customer Service Kick-Ass?
A worldwide study by the Harvard Business Review researches where simple self-service ends and hands-on customer service begins.

Do Offshore Call Center Services Benefit Business?
Politics aside, the decision to use offshore outsourcing vs. onshore call center services is a pragmatic one for any business.

Come 2018, we’ll also share more client perspectives, like Gavin Woody of A Place for Mom did this year. And we’ll even throw in a thought or two of our own, such as how clients can better engage customers—via chat, text or live video.

Here’s to nonstop business operations, first-call resolutions and great customer experiences in the New Year.

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