Protecting Data and Privacy

Ensure vigilance at every touchpoint.

Integrate It All

Protecting data and privacy needs to be a state of mind before it can become the state of the business. Ours is an integrated approach—from vetted agents to hardened infrastructure to locked-down data.

  • Agents

    We monitor agents, adhering to strict administrative procedures and industry security standards.

  • Infrastructure

    Our security is all encompassing—tested with penetration attempts and vulnerability scans.

  • Data

    We follow industry standards—ranging from PCI DSS Level 1 security to HIPAA compliance—plus do more.


  • Credibility

    • Verify agent certifications, backgrounds and clearances
    • Secure workplace—restrict PC functionality, enforce clean-desk policy
    • Conduct third-party compliance audits for PCI DSS Level 1 and HIPAA
  • Integrity

    • Integrate recovery, redundancy and failover
    • Configure system security plans, hardware and software
    • Detail security for firewalls, backups and intrusions
  • Security

    • Protect with authentication, access controls and verification
    • Secure in-transit data with encryption, monitoring and alarms
    • Comply with PCI DSS Level 1 and HIPAA industry standards


For secure operations, your business is either all in—or it’s not. To protect end to end, you’d better have an edge—with a proven service provider.

Our Solutions

Fundamental Five

Nothing is more personal than your identity. Unless, of course, it’s your customers’ data and privacy, believes Billy West, Working Solutions vice president of information technology.

He says ask five common-sense questions to determine if security is commonplace. Does the provider:

1. Run a failsafe network—based on past intrusions?

2. Manage system vulnerability—planning for the worst?

3. Implement access controls—with foolproof verification?

4. Monitor and test networks—without fail?

5. Maintain a security policy—in practice vs. on paper?

Best to know now. Than the morning after.

  • Create a security-minded culture from the get-go.

  • Ensure digital security at all touchpoints.

  • Conduct regular system tests and agent audits.

Safeguard the business and your customers.