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Building on 20 Years of Great Service


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Refreshed Brand Inspired by Clients

When Working Solutions began in 1996, an on-demand workforce for contact centers broke new ground. An out-of-the-box business model symbolized our brand, logo—and especially, our clients.

They were forward-thinking companies that took advantage of a flexible and mobile workforce, which scaled to ever-changing business needs. Our clients inspired us then, just as they do today.

That’s why as we roll out a refreshed brand this week, we acknowledge the influence of clients and their customers alike.


Clients, Customers Teach Us

By listening to and learning from them, we became a better service provider—well-attuned to their expectations and desired experiences. Both are embodied in Working Solutions’ new logo, corporate look and feel today.

Interlocking chat bubbles represent converging forces and digital demands, where responsiveness rules. They are accentuated by a vector, symbolizing communications moving forward.



The brand refresh reaffirms our proven, and often emulated, distributed workforce model. One that’s valued by clients.

And it’s given thumbs-up by industry analysts, including Gartner and Ovum, and remote-job experts FlexJobs and Glassdoor, where Working Solutions ranks four-plus stars.

Dedicated Agents Serve Clients

Just as important, our refreshed brand captures the spirit of thousands of contact center agents, who ensure great customer service across North America.

Their commitment is seen time and again in stories, such as:

Relevant, Responsive and Reliable

Such quality of service is foundational to our caring culture. And it’s reflected in client performance and customer satisfaction. All are fundamental to our brand.

In modernizing it, we evolved from an out-of-the-box business model to a well-established and respected company. Relevant, responsive and reliable. For more than 20 years.

Click here to watch our new brand video.

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