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Leveraging Analytics To Serve Customers Well

Keeping customers requires engaging customers. That takes investment to “anticipate and deliver predictable consumer outcomes,” believes Kim Houlne, chief executive of Working Solutions.

Kim Houlne is featured on publication customer think

In her CustomerThink viewpoint, “Leveraging Technology to Engage More Customers,” she advocates investing in artificial intelligence (AI) to serve customers’ upfront needs. That AI capacity, Houlne adds, is augmented by live agents who are not only tech-savvy, but are also adept at solving complicated service or sales issues, if the need arises.

In her viewpoint, Houlne drives home several points worth remembering:

  1. Engagement is judged at every interaction, from automated response to live agent—and it had better be good throughout or customers will be gone.
  2. Serving customers well occurs through multiple channels, in many ways—all of which need to be in sync to provide an excellent experience, every time.
  3. The immediacy of today’s customer service should be matched by the intimacy of personalized customer care—fast and friendly, guided by analytics and actions, from start to finish.

In all, engagement has to be steadfast and stellar, combining smart technology that shapes solutions with tech-savvy agents for customers who expect no less.

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