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Medical professional typing on a laptop next to their stethoscope and medical record clipboard.

Ensuring Healthcare Data Security with Business Process Outsourcing


In an era of widespread data breaches, it’s never been more essential…

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Illustrative man in front of a phone that depicts passwords, a credit card, fingerprint, and lock

Why Increased Brand Security Improves Customer Loyalty


Did you know that effective security translates to brand loyalty and an…

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woman accessing on demand contact center solutions through mobile phone

Call Center Security Tips


Security Fundamentals In an information-driven era data security tops the list of…

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business person using computer with security shield icon and working solutions icon

5 Essential Customer Data-protection Tips for Your Business


In a story that made international headlines in 2018, British Airways was…

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Avoiding data breaches

How Secure Is Your Provider?


Nothing is more personal than your identity. Unless it’s your customers’ data…

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