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Point of View: Work Anywhere™ Workforce


Call It Whatever You Want—It Works Anywhere™

In our industry, people use a lot of names to describe what we offer—virtual contact center services. It’s defined in terms of work at home, at home, remote or on demand.

All are valid. They, however, fall short of the bigger idea—the Work Anywhere workforce.

Working anywhere isn’t confined by traditional brick-and-mortar operations, which have their place. Rather, it’s delivered by a smart, mobile and independent workforce, conducting business from safe and secure locations.

Decades in the making, this workforce today is expanding for several reasons.

Work is fractionalized: It’s being divided into by-the-job projects and parceled off to talent-on-tap. Think of it as a Lego® world, where work gets done in pieces by ever-ready professionals—and then snapped back together.

Technology is virtualized: Omni-technology is redefining the workplace, elevating it from the cube to the cloud. Virtual platforms liberate production, with jobs being done anywhere, by anyone qualified. Hi tech is now I tech.

Talent is globalized: Said another way, labor is no longer local or locked in. Businesses hire workers wherever they find the talent. Call it E-economics 101—the new world of free trade built on evergreen skills.

Nearly 20 years ago, Working Solutions pioneered the concept of virtual contact center services. We tapped into the independent talent of educated, industry-focused agents to serve FORTUNE 500 companies and their customers. The concept has proved sound, secure and productive. Today, more and more organizations use it.

As the business-scape continues to shift, Working Solutions welcomes the changes for:

• People seeking freedom to work from anywhere, for anyone—embracing the openness and opportunities.
• Companies wanting to be more responsive—elevating sales, customer care and technical experiences.
• Businesses expecting real results in real time—delivering on the front line and in the corner office.

All of this possible—and already proven—with the Work Anywhere workforce.