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Compassionate Customer Care



Dennise | Agent since 2014
Resource leader in consumer and retail, with seven years of experience as a contact center agent.


Empathetic Service

As a customer service agent, Dennise encounters heartbreaking stories while trying to help callers or their loved ones find the right senior care.

She recalled one such encounter with a woman who called, totally distraught. Her husband had reached a critical stage in his Alzheimer’s disease.

“She didn’t know where to turn or what to do. I listened to her story and reassured her we would take care of her. She thanked me for listening to her and for being compassionate.”

Dennise referred the woman to a Senior Living Advisor, who later paired the husband with the appropriate senior community.

Sometimes, however, a person doesn’t qualify because of age, limited income or other reasons.

“It’s very heart-wrenching when we can’t help someone. And sometimes you just can’t. If they don’t qualify for our service, I try to refer them somewhere that can help.”


Consumer Mindset

Dennise has worked on the same consumer services program since joining Working Solutions in August 2014. She likes the client and customers she serves and very much enjoys her work-at-home family.

“I followed a friend here from another contact center and was lucky enough to hire on within two weeks. Everybody here has a great respect for you. They actually care for you. I got to meet Kim (the company founder) and she was so approachable and kind.”

In fact, Dennise was so impressed with Working Solutions that she recruited many fellow agents to join.

Besides taking customer calls, she acts as resource leader, answering agent questions in the chat room. All total, Dennise has seven years of experience as an agent, serving the consumer and retail industry.

Beyond contact centers, Dennise was in the mortgage industry for 10 years and is certified as an insurance assistant. She also once drove a school bus and worked in potato factory—and even dabbled in web design.

Working up to 50 hours a week, she today guides callers in finding the right senior-care resources.

Many of those who call don’t know where to turn—and some, don’t qualify for the program her client offers. But she always offers them something to aid in their searches.


“I treat them the way I would like to be treated if I was in their situation.”– Dennise, agent since 2014


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