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Taking Care of Travelers



Beth | Agent since 2006
Twenty years of travel experience with proficiency in Sabre, Worldspan and Apollo reservation systems.


Arrived – As Planned

Right before her shift ended, Beth received a frantic customer call. Because of a flight delay, the traveler would miss his connection.

Beth then booked a new flight through the same carrier, but it had to go through a code-sharing foreign airline. With different systems, she knew changing reservations isn’t always smooth.

Beth called the connecting airline to confirm the flight change. None found—even with a ticket number. Each airline blamed the other.

She conferenced in the customer and the connecting airline and was able to iron everything out.

“The customer was so happy. I had planned to finish working an hour earlier, but I waited on the line with him until he got checked in.”


Go the Extra Mile

Beth specializes in destinations, with more than 20 years of getting 10,000s of travelers from here to there.

Proficient in several airline systems—including Sabre, Worldspan and Apollo—she also educates other agents in travel reservations. Her job encompasses customer care, sales and technical support—part of which entailed working on a special agent team to provide clients with a higher level of service.

Befitting her work, Beth goes the extra mile for customers. “I give the same high level of service I would expect myself.” And as so many other agents will say, that involves “really listening to the customer.”

Apart from the flexible work hours and training she receives, Beth values the professionalism shown by the company’s leadership. “Management has been very supportive,” she said. “They want us to succeed.”


“I give the same high level of service I would expect myself.” – Beth, agent since April 2006


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