Rise Above

Simple just got easier—with cloud services scaled for you.


With a cloud platform, clients operate their businesses as they need to run. Be agile—on demand.

  • Omni-channel

    Customers interact with your business through multiple channels, direct agent connection or self-service.

  • Less Complexity

    Designed for users—not technical wizards—this software runs on a simple business interface.

  • True Scalability

    Add agents anywhere with 99.99% guaranteed availability—without taking your system offline.

Proven and Practical

  • Open, Direct

    • Voice, SMS, chat, email and social media
    • Intuitive, self-service automation
    • Direct to agent from mobile devices
  • So Easy

    • Services run from one portal
    • No hardware required
    • Up and running in a few hours
  • Adjustable

    • Scale as needed in the cloud
    • No prior planning needed
    • Add seats and queues anytime

Hey, You...

The Stones sang: “Get off of my cloud.” We say get on it.
Pay only for services used. Eliminate pricey equipment. Streamline talent.

Client Success

One-Stop Platform Provider

A rapidly growing analytics client needed the right technology platform. Initially, the client wanted calls to be delivered to a virtual contact center agent group, with basic call recording. Later, it required more sophisticated customer interactions, with multilayered data across many products and service types.

As customer patterns evolved, Working Solutions guided the client through several cloud-based platform decisions. All implementations were seamless, thanks to experienced technicians who provided support for the client and agents.

  • Guided client, with working knowledge of 20+ platforms.

  • Delivered the needed system integration and reporting.

  • Provided seamless implementation for agents and client.

Optimize services from the cloud.