Chief Happiness Officer

Hunnie is our company’s Chief Happiness Officer. She was born in Newport Beach, California, in April 2006. Early in life she was sent to hunting school to learn to how retrieve birds and given the name Hunter.

She, however, found swimming and socializing more fun than picking up dead waterfowl. So, she was put up for adoption and listed in the local Penny Saver. Her current doggy dad, Troy, who runs business development for Working Solutions, fell in love at first sight. He changed Hunter’s name to Hunnie since it matches her color and personality.

Shortly after bonding with her new family, Hunnie trained to become a service animal, which is only natural since she likes to be around people. Hunnie now travels the country, meeting clients and making friends. These days, Hunnie splits her time between the Dallas office, where she focuses on boosting morale, and sunbathing at home in the Texas heat. At work, you can catch her staring out the window, watching squirrels or chewing on toys in her ergonomic dog bed. Hunnie hopes to see you on her travels, visiting clients to provide great care and support.