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Mallie and Luke Skybarker

Mallie and Luke Skybarker

Chief Happiness Officers

Mallie and Luke Skybarker are our company’s Chief Happiness Officers.

The little black ball of energy known as Mallie was rescued in 2014 from a car wash in Fort Worth after being abandoned inside an empty Big Gulp. According to Google, Mallie is a bat which makes sense because her favorite outfit is her Batman cape. She loves her toys, is an avid fetcher and loves every person she visits in our Dallas office, where she focuses on boosting morale.

Nine week old Luke Skybarker was instantly smitten with his new family when he was rescued in 2018. Three years later he couldn’t be more devoted. His favorite pastime is taking road trips with his dad, snuggling with his best friend Neferkitty or joining in on Teams meetings where he is usually the center of attention.

Together they lead our company’s Happiness Department staffed by all our pets, kids and everything that makes us happy here at Working Solutions

Our Happiness Department

#worsolhappy Meet Hazel the rescue 🐱. She makes Working Solutions employee Tracy happy when she gets into things she’s not supposed to and makes her laugh. 😊#happiness #joy ...

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Introducing Mallie and Luke Skybarker, our new Chief Happiness Officers 😊 for Working Solutions 👏. Their first directive as CHO is to find out what makes our employees and agents happy and post the happy highlights here on instagram using #worsolhappy Say hi to these happy 🐕 doggos. #happiness #joy #pets ...

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