Get a Move On

Expedite the journey. Arrive as planned.


Consolidation continues throughout the industry. As acquisitions abound, online travel agencies are blurring distribution up and down the supply chain. Hoteliers also look to get closer to customers, as personalization remains top of mind for all. Get there faster with contact center solutions that move with your business.

  • Travel

    Ensure that travelers get from point A to Z—without any hitches.

  • Hospitality

    Find rooms in the inn for all—be it economy or luxury.

  • Transportation

    Keep customers mobile—so they can make their connections.

Keep It Moving

  • Serve Nonstop

    • Leverage Sabre—Native and Red
    • Maximize agent availability
    • Handle spikes and situations
  • Go Global

    • Speak more than 30 languages
    • Manage disparate systems
    • Simplify international travel
  • Step It Up

    • Accommodate the unexpected
    • Navigate the road less traveled
    • Provide exemplary service


Whatever the destination, travel agent Beth specializes in getting businesspeople from here to there. And back again. Arrive as planned.

Agent Profile
Client Success

Going the Distance

A travel company with 70,000+ properties worldwide needed a way to handle increased seasonal business—without hiring and training more employees. The client turned to Working Solutions to consolidate all operations under a single provider.

An innovative pay plan rewarded agents for consistent sales and cross-selling on every call. Agents met seasonal demand, increased revenue and provided superior service—all at a lower cost than in-house staff.

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  • Improved call-to-agent ratio through flexible scheduling.

  • Captured more peak-hour sales lost to long hold times.

  • Delivered high levels of service at a lower cost than staff.

Accelerate business with our travel experts.

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