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Manage complexity. Empower choice.


Driven by wholesale change, major shifts are occurring in the health and wellness space. Organizations—big and small, public and private—are reforming rigid operations into flexible 21st-century care. As patients become savvier consumers, companies need service providers to help them cut through the complexities and empower choice.

  • Enrollment/Claims

    Member services are handled by specialists who understand healthcare complexities.

  • Counseling

    Our experts enable patient advocacy by guiding users to make informed, healthy choices.

  • Acquisition/Retention

    Our agents build trust with providers and patients—from first encounter to future engagements.

Get Better

  • Member / Provider

    • Benefit coverage
    • Self-service promotion
    • Flexible spending administration
    • Healthcare claims
    • Clinical care
  • Public Health

    • Risk assessments
    • Wellness education
    • Disease-specific outreach
    • Medication adherence
  • Acquisition / Retention

    • Lead generation
    • Enrollment confirmation
    • Personalized outreach
    • Product orientation
    • Benefits check-up


Mounting complexity. Increasing regulation. Rising costs. Our specialists know how the system works—so they can make it work better for providers and patients alike.

Our Solutions
Client Success

Bilingual Care on Demand

A major healthcare services company needed a steady supply of specialists to increase enrollment in its Medicaid discount drug program and to help patients with other Medicare/Medicaid decisions.

Within three weeks, Working Solutions fully prepared 150 bilingual nurses to deliver exceptional patient care at lower costs. Impressed, the client enlisted us to handle chronic disease management and Medicare Part D programs.

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  • Helped patients navigate complex health situations.

  • Managed spikes in call volume throughout all programs.

  • Delivered major ROI—with lower costs and high-quality care.

Improve outcomes with specialized care.