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Smart devices and the Internet of Things continue to proliferate. Communications companies will carry the load to link them all. In the U.S. alone, Deloitte estimates consumers look at or use their devices 8+ billion times a day. Question is: Will they be able to connect with you?

  • Sales

    Our specialists ply their industry experience and product knowledge to increase sales.

  • Service

    Well-versed in your business, our agents know how to fulfill your customers’ needs.

  • Support

    Our technical experts extend your support team and keep customers connected.

Stay Connected

  • Meet Demand

    • Scale to fulfill needs
    • Engage every customer
    • Extend your brand
  • Optimize Sales

    • Increase conversions
    • Raise average order value
    • Maximize marketing events
  • Offer Insight

    • Respond with experts
    • Offer intuitive advice
    • Provide on-hand solutions


Make communications easy for customers. Whatever the channel or device. Aided by agents who know the ins, outs—and in-betweens.

Our Solutions
Client Success

Nailed It.

A brand-name wireless services and equipment provider had to scale staff quickly for a year-end marketing push. Within three weeks, Working Solutions provided 200 skilled agents with deep industry experience.

Our specialists helped customers make informed buying decisions. The company met its sales goals, added new customers and built brand loyalty—all within budget.

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  • Reduced time to add and prepare staff by up to 30%.

  • Increased sales conversions and average order values.

  • Reduced customer churn during first 90 days post-sale.

Connect for better sales and service.