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Annalee | Agent since 2012
Experienced in healthcare, communications and consumer services, with associate’s degrees in crops and soil management and in floral design.


Tears, Then Relief

On one of her agent jobs, Annalee referred patients to same-day dental appointments. One morning, a panicked mother called. She was driving around town to find emergency care for her injured daughter.

Annalee could hear the little girl screaming in the background as her mom explained that she had tripped, breaking two front teeth at the gum line.

“The mom was crying, too, and while she told me her situation, I found a dentist within a mile of her location who was able to see her child immediately.”

After a five-minute call, tears turned to relief—and effusive thanks for Annalee’s help.


Cascading Care

Annalee is quick to answer when asked why she joined Working Solutions. “They know your name, you’re not a number. They care about your welfare and give you the training to succeed.”

She got the tip to check out Working Solutions from an agent chat room at a competitor, where she worked. Four years later, Annalee finds fulfillment at Working Solutions, where her experience in healthcare, communications and consumer services is valued.

And on occasion, her double associate degree in crops and soil management and in floral design management comes in handy.

At Working Solutions, Annalee said project managers check on her and ask about the family. And she even exchanges Christmas gifts with other agents she’s never met. That support and caring carries through in her work with client customers.

Customer service, she said, is all about listening and understanding. “When customers are upset, it’s not usually about the agent, but about their situation.”

So she keeps her cool and offers comfort, giving back to them what’s she has already gotten herself.


“Listen to what customers have to say, then show them you care about their situation.”– Annalee, agent since 2012


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