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Paula | Agent since 2009
A resource leader with five years of experience in consumer and retail and eight years in tech support.

Going from Irate to Ideal

Paula received an escalated customer call. The woman on the other end was irate about a duplicate order, which was shipped and charged.

Staying cool, Paula said: “Yes, it’s our fault.”

Then “fix it,” the woman replied.

Paula did, detailing everything she would do in an email to the customer, including a free-of-charge, FedEx pickup of the duplicate order.

The next day, the woman called back, praising Paula’s composure. “I learned from you,” she said. “I took your attitude and applied it to my own job.”

Paula understood, later remarking: “You don’t know what people have been through before talking to you. You might be the final straw in a long list that day.”

Hardware to Handbags

High tech or high heels—makes no difference to agent Paula. She’s well-versed in both.

After providing eight years of tech support for customers of software and computer companies, she switched to servicing consumers of women’s apparel.

“I thought shoes and handbags would be a breeze compared to tech support,” she said. “But it doesn’t make any difference what the product is. Customer service is what it’s all about.”

In addition to her agent expertise in tech support and six-plus years in consumer and retail, Paula has strong training skills and once owned her own business in the UK.

Paula has a rule she works by. “No matter who I’m speaking with, I will always focus on what I can do, not what I can’t do.”

To that end, she gets to know the customer she’s talking to as quickly as possible.


“If it’s important to you, then it’s important to me.”– Paula, agent since 2009


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