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Reasons to Keep your Call Center Texan


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Texas Call Center Solutions Maximize Business

Does your company value great customer service? Then why entrust it to an offshore call center?

Odds are its agents don’t know your brand, customers or culture. There’s a better way to serve customers. Right here in Texas at Working Solutions, a nationwide leader in contact center solutions.

With a network of 110,000+ U.S. agents, we learn your operations firsthand. Match agents to your customers and culture.

That way, they’re extensions of your brand and your customers. And often, your neighbors—buying, using and recommending your offerings. Here are a couple of examples of how we deliver onshore call center solutions across America.

Reducing expenses while increasing sales

A FORTUNE 500 supplier of office products faced competing business priorities in serving two distinct customer segments. Providing premiere service to newly acquired customers—while controlling costs—would require looking at non-traditional, call center outsourcing.

Our U.S.-based agents resolved the client’s issues, raising ROI and winning new customers as explained in the article “Stepping in to step up sales“.

• Increased average order value: $22 per call.

• Reduced call center operating expenses: By 24%.

• Cut consumer churn: By 50%.

Respond with flexible workforce model

With a U.S. network of 110,000-plus agents, our responsive resources are always on hand. For instance, a FORTUNE 100 technology company wanted to maximize sales with a fourth-quarter marketing campaign. Its call center staff, however, was maxed out. Not a problem.

In three weeks, we deployed 200 customer service agents with consumer sales experience to launch the campaign as pointed out in this article “From the big challenge to bigger benefits“:

• Reduced agent prep time: By up to 30%.

• Boosted sales conversions: Plus delivered higher average order values.

• Cut consumer churn: In the first 90 days post-sale.